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B2B Campaign Manager

Location: Tehran
Posted: Mar 6, 2024

Iranian Company in Fintech Industry

Annual Package: 500 – 750 million Tomans




·       Requirements Gathering and Design: Conducting needs analysis and designing effective campaigns aligned with B2B campaign features.

·       Monitoring and Performance Evaluation: Supervising the execution and assessing the performance of marketing campaigns, especially content-side.

·       Budget Control and Resource Allocation: Managing budgets and allocating resources across campaigns and projects.

·       Compliance Assurance: Ensuring campaign execution complies with organizational guidelines.

·       Real-time and Periodic Reporting: Providing accurate real-time and periodic analysis reports to demonstrate effective return on investment (ROI).

·       Planning and Campaign Creation: Strategizing and developing campaigns to increase conversion rates using available tools.

·       Understanding KPIs and Market Research Tools: Familiarity with key performance indicators and market research tools.

·       Translating Campaigns into Understandable Reports: Converting campaigns into comprehensible reports and practical strategies for the marketing team and other departments.




·       Minimum 4 years of relevant work experience.

·       Deep knowledge of implementing B2B campaigns.

·       Strong problem-solving skills.

·       Excellent communication and project management skills.

·       Creative skills to assist in implementing new and innovative ideas.

·       Capability to manage multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously.

·       Experience in negotiation and advancing negotiations with organizations and stores.

·       Commitment to project completion timelines.

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