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Associate Business Manager

Location: Tehran
Posted: Feb 26, 2024

Iranian Startup Leading Company

Annual Package: Negotiable


Position Overview:

As an Associate Business Manager, you will be an integral part of our team, supporting our Business Manager in various operational facets. This role is ideal for someone with co-founder experience, exceptional organizational skills, and a passion for contributing to the success of a rapidly growing company.


Key Responsibilities & Skills:


Extreme Ownership:

·       Extreme ownership and integrity in handling responsibilities.

Full-Time Presence:

·       Demonstrate unwavering commitment and dedication with a full-time presence.

Multi-functional Support:

·       Assist in handling tasks spanning Product, Tech, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Commercial, Finance, and more.

Responsibility and Delegation:

·       Collaborate with the Business Manager to efficiently manage tasks and demonstrate high levels of responsibility.

·       Exhibit effective delegation skills and assist in tracking project progress.

Communication and Persuasion:

·       Showcase high-level communication and persuasion abilities to foster collaboration and drive results.


·       Contribute to data-related tasks, utilizing analytical skills to support data-driven decision-making.






·       Co-founder experience in a startup environment.

·       Previous experience in product or project management.

·       Openness to fieldwork and hands-on involvement in various business functions.

·       Exceptional organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple responsibilities.

·       Strong reporting skills, both in reporting to superiors and collecting reports from team members.

·       Ability to delegate tasks effectively.

·       High communication and persuasion abilities.

·       Proficiency in data analysis and interpretation.

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