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eCRM Manager

Location: Tehran
Posted: Feb 13, 2024

Iranian Company in Education Technology Industry

Annual Package: Negotiable




·       Designing and optimizing diverse journeys based on Segment performances

·       Daily monitoring and analysis of metrics and key team targets with team members' involvement

·       Weekly technical task requests to the Product team for automation tool optimization

·       Executing optimal activities for campaigns requested from other teams

·       Providing analytical reports segmented by each channel to the Marketing Manager and CEO

·       Weekly request for suitable banners for each channel to the Design team

·       Evaluating team performance using channel-specific metrics




·       Proficient in automation tools (especially WebEngage)

·       Ability to analyze marketing performance metrics in each Segment

·       Mastery and understanding of Segment identification methods in marketing automation

·       Experience in designing and optimizing different journeys in automation

·       Precise analysis of sales data and timely problem-solving skills

·       Experience in eCRM team management

·       Proficiency in GA4, Excel, and Data Studio

·       Experience in automation implementation is considered an advantage

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