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Digital Marketing Manager

Location: Tehran
Posted: Feb 7, 2024

Iranian Company in EdTech Industry

Annual Package: Negotiable




·       Marketing Team Strategy: Develop and coordinate the marketing team's strategy.

·       Budgeting: Allocate budgets for each team according to predetermined targets.

·       Performance Measurement: Calculate and measure the performance of each team against set targets.

·       Campaign Evaluation: Develop and evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns across various channels.

·       Automation Tools: Identify and measure marketing automation tools to enhance user engagement and measure churn rate and retention rate.

·       Marketing Metrics Optimization: Measure and optimize key marketing parameters such as ROI, CAC/CLV, CPO, and CAC.

·       User Acquisition Strategy: Identify and develop strategies for attracting new users across various marketing channels.

·       Google Ads and CPC Campaign Analysis: Understand and analyze Google Ads tools and CPC campaigns.

·       Channel Contribution Calculation: Calculate the contribution of each channel to new customers, orders, and revenue.

·       Affiliate Channel Growth: Grow affiliate channels and partner clubs to increase new users.

·       Co-Branding Campaign Scenario: Develop scenarios for joint co-branding campaigns with complementary brands.

·       Banner Design Management: Manage the design of campaign banners, weekly activities on-site, and relevant mediums.

·       Product Team Collaboration: Collaborate with the product team and draft necessary technical requests to achieve team targets.




·       Proficiency: Mastery of GTM, Google Ads, GA4, Search Console and WebEngage.

·       Sales Trend Analysis: Ability to analyze monthly and seasonal sales trends and devise timely solutions tailored to each channel.

·       Effective Communication: Strong communication skills to effectively interact with team members and stakeholders.

·       Analytical Reporting: Ability to prepare analytical marketing reports.

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