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HR Director

Location: Tehran
Posted: Jan 15, 2024

Iranian Company in Online Services Industry

Annual Package: 1 – 1.2 billion Tomans




·       Developing and implementing HR strategies that align with the company's goals and values, ensuring a high-performing and engaged workforce.

·       Leading the talent acquisition and retention efforts, leveraging both traditional and innovative methods to attract and retain top-tier talent.

·       Establishing robust employee development programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

·       Collaborating with departmental leaders to design and administer effective compensation and benefits strategies that align with market best practices.

·       Driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to create an inclusive and equitable workplace for all employees.

·       Ensuring compliance with labor and employment laws, and maintaining HR policies and procedures in accordance with legal regulations.





·       Proven experience as an HR leader within a dynamic and fast-paced environment, with a demonstrated track record of implementing effective HR strategies and initiatives.

·       In-depth knowledge of talent acquisition, retention, and development, along with a strong understanding of current trends and best practices in human resources.

·       Outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively at all levels of the organization.

·       A strategic mindset with the capacity to design and execute initiatives that contribute to organizational growth and employee satisfaction.

·       Comprehensive understanding of employment laws and regulatory requirements, with the ability to ensure full compliance within the organization.

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