“Why Are You a Great Match for This Role?” How to Answer

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It’s the ultimate interview question, pondered by many candidates in preparation: “Why are you a great match for this role?” There are many sound strategies to answer this question, so the key to nailing it is to find the right one.
Here, we will go over a few different approaches to answering this question that you might not have thought about before. Below are some example answers that can clearly articulate why you are a perfect match for the role in question.

Focus on Leadership Skills

This strategy calls for an answer that speaks to the leadership qualities that are needed to excel in the job, especially in a management role. It can consist of examples of past experiences and positive outcomes.
  • “At my previous company I demonstrated decisiveness and lead with clear communication in order to achieve the best outcome of the task at hand.”
Start there, then fill in the details with a specific instance. This gives a clear picture of what you accomplished by being organized and motivated to achieve the best positive outcome.

Address the Company’s Mission

Circling back to the company mission in your response demonstrates a clear understanding and alignment with core values. These values can range from public outreach and connection to expansion and growth. Start with something like:
  • “My commitment to the betterment of our community makes my skills a valuable addition.”
If you hold the same strong values as the company itself, then highlight that in your answer. It showcases that you really know and understand the business as a whole instead of just the singular role you have applied for. This also gives you a chance to show how you align with the company culture.

Bring Up Your Technical Skills

Focusing on your skills and how you can deliver high quality work is a great strategy here, especially if you are in a specialized field.
  • “I have used my key skills to contribute to successful projects.”
Again, fill in the generalities with more specific examples that are tailored to the unique skills and situation that apply. This type of answer kickstarts reason why you are the best candidate, particularly if the market is short on any of the skills on your resume.

Specific to a Sales Team

If the role you’ve applied for is sales-based then your answer should summarize how, if hired, you will contribute to the company’s goals.
  • “I am a self-motivated individual who aims to meet and beat the sales record.”
If you’ve done this in the past, explain how. You can also bring up other successes you’ve had due to your own motivation and initiative.
Some of the most common mistakes in answering this type of question are not being prepared or not having a well thought-out answer and plan to respond to follow-up questions. It is the interviewer’s job to get the most information out of all their interview questions, so expect them to want thorough answers. Even so, if handled correctly, a strong response to, “What makes a great match for this role?” is the gateway for job seekers really put forward how they would make a great fit for any position.
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